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05/20/2015 -- Featured research: Frank Augustine Gardner, M.D.

05/19/2015 -- TEG, Vol. 35, No. 2, Pg. 31 (will be published in The Gardner Annals): Henry D. Gardiner (and Gardiner, OR) A marker sits beside U.S. 101 in Gardiner, OR. The marker mentions that, at that spot on the Umpqua River, there had been a shipwreck in 1850. The town got its start, thereby. Cargo and the ship were salvaged and used for early buildings. The ship was owned by a Boston merchant, name of Mr. Gardiner. The marker provides other facts about the area. In 2014, Gardner Research received a query: who was Mr. Gardiner and what do we know about him? The article addresses that query.   

05/12/2015 -- Vol V, No 1 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue summarizes activity to date for the Society and looks to the future. 

05/07/2015 -- See About us for history and purpose.

04/21/2015 -- Site is Mobile-friendly, according to a Google bot. 

04/03/2015 -- A question was added to the FAQ: Did an ancestor of Thomas help in the demise of Richard III? This points to a related post (Richard III and a Gardner). Notice that there is a "What's new" page on the blog.  

03/19/2015 -- Review Draft for upcoming issue of TEG (Vol 35, No 2).

03/12/2015 -- Image from Dr. Frank's 1993 book (Gardners and Gardners).

03/04/2015 -- Questions plus start of a Gardner FAQ.

02/27/2015 -- February issue of The Essex Genealogist (Vol. 35, No. 1, Pg. 51): Benjamin Brown Gardner (and Nathaniel Eaton). See Research and Discussion

02/02/2015 -- Pre-release copy of TEG, February 2015, reviewed; it includes article on Benjamin Brown Gardner.

01/18/2015 -- Draft ahnentafel for Benjamin Brown Gardner, grandfather of Dr. Frank A (we will review to whole of the Nathaniel Eaton affair).

01/03/2015 -- Heather Wilkinson Rojo documented her "brick wall" ancestor, Benjamin Gardner; too, Gardner Memorial is available via Hathi Trust (see ahnentafel for Dr. Frank A.'s grandfather).

12/23/2014 -- Did slight parametric adjustment to the article block for improved mobile viewing. Also, see timeline of the barque Bostonian. Will use the page feature on blogger to present a structured view (examples: Gardner Research, Recent finds).

12/11/2014 -- Vol IV, No 4 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue summarizes the year's activities, presents a Nantucket timeline, provides contents and index tables, and looks at Eliza Starbuck Barney and Henry Dearborn Gardiner. 

12/03/2014 -- Gardner's BeaconTM: Table of Contents, Index. Vol. IV, No. 4 in preparation.  

11/18/2014 -- Sample ahnentafel for Benjamin Brown Gardner (discussion)

11/16/2014 -- Discussion about details related to sourcing and documenting support material.

10/26/2014 -- Working on details for membership application, reviewing alternatives related to technique, and more.

10/03/2014 -- Content: WikiTree (Blogger, Wordpress)?

09/30/2014 -- The Gardner Annals, Volume I, Number 2 published. Included are results provided by Gardner Research.

09/29/2014 -- Published the ahnentafel for Susan Charlotte Graves Gardner which will be appear in TEG Vol 34 (November issue) and be included in The Gardner Annals, Vol. I, No. 2.  

09/26/2014 -- John Cook of Minneapolis found a marriage record for Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar in the records of Sherborne, Dorset. Too, there are birth records for the boys: Thomas, Richard, and George.

09/19/2014 -- Vol IV, No 3 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue looks at Gardner Annals/Research and our interests and goals. There is a brief look at Ann Downing and Sarah Kimball who are part of the large extended family. 

09/08/2014 -- IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as of April 29, 2014. Add an index for issues of Gardner's Beacon. 

09/03/2014 -- Updated the color scheme (see devlog).

08/29/2014 -- See Annals/Research (related post) for our first publication of research results (ahnentafel chart for Lucy Foster Wilson Gardner, paternal grandmother of Frank A. Gardner). 

08/26/2014 -- Add social media links: FB, BL, WP. And, what is social media?

08/15/2014 -- Removed use of a website for reference (see Sources, Vol. IV, No. 1 [Note: see later discussion at the end of the post for the issue, Vol. IV, No. 1] and Afterthoughts & modifications).  

08/11/2014 -- The Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. obtained IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, effective April 29, 2014.

08/07/2014 -- First issue of The Gardner Annals: Volume I, Number 1.

07/30/2014 -- Updated About Us and Afterthoughts & Modifications pages. Looking to have a supplemental database to augment D.A.R.'s for unsung Patriots. Perhaps, this will motivate applications to D.A.R. or S.A.R.

07/19/2014 -- Started an informational page on Facebook (ThomasGardnerofSalem). Planning on having a replacement for the Forum.

07/18/2014 - Wikipedia page references being updated. Using Vol. III, No. 2 as an example of the Thomas Gardner Society providing material. About Us and 400ths being reworked.

07/16/2014 -- Published the new Home page (other pages will migrate over time). Put in a devlog file to document and to track technical issues.

07/14/2014 -- Example of new TGS banner, using html/css rather than image (as it is being done now) or scripting (which may be necessary for more professional look).

07/12/2014 -- Running list of pages to look at: Main, Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IV, No. 2, ...

07/10/2014 -- Alpha/Beta site started to support re-configuration and future studies. See WordPress post.

07/03/2014 -- Vol IV, No 2 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue looks at incorporation activity which includes details about accomplishments, the organization, and our goals. We will get back to the theme of Thomas Gardner: the first experience of the American Dream

07/02/2014 -- This website will be undergoing modification, and continuing work is indicated by this notice: Note: website will be undergoing modification (this notice will disappear when the re-work is done).

07/01/2014 -- Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IV, No. 2, will provide a recap of activities, some details of the recent incorporation, touch upon goals, and consider a timeline of the Magna Charta as it relates to the colonies.

06/21/2014 -- Dr. Frank and his sister, Lucie, sponsored the Massachusetts Magazine that published quarterly from 1908 to 1917. Thomas Franklin Waters, the Ipswich expert, was editor.

05/13/2014 -- This will be the What's new page until we get WordPress going. The buttons are being modernized with CSS (left to do are About us and Newsletters - will use nested menus). We'll do the header with CSS shapes. We'll start a new blog with WordPress (interim blog, technical focus). After the buttons, the focus will be on the layout.

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