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Dec 2018 -- We are reorganizing the look as there is research going on along several avenues. Right now, we are using a FB group for coordination (somewhat). The issues of content versus configuration will be a central theme as we decide how to operate effectively as well as present in a proper (many senses) manner. Some current topics: wind-speed social media, new site, Gardner burial ground, use of WikiTree, ... , and much more.

Nov 2017 ... This was our first publication in The Essex Genealogist: Graves family of Ipswich. Four Johns become Five Johns as number Four, originally in an article was a conflation of two generations.

Jan 2017 ... in the process of organizing this information - current work - TMM, Bosworth and Gardners, Gardners of Maryland and Pennyslvania, DNA, westward ho, and more ...

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Sherborne, Dorset
Early on, late 1600s, Gov. Lovelace ordered that the main Nantucket town be named Sherborne. Why? Some say that it is due to this being the place of origin.

In 2014, Sherborne records show the marriage of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Frier. There are other records that may pertain to this family.

Hence, research will focus on this matter; we will present the strongest story (the prerogative of the family) that the facts, and abductive reasoning, will support. Follow the progress.
Frank Augustine Gardner, M.D.
11 Volumes (digitized)   
25 Monographs (Titles, all volumes),
     New England Revolutionary Regiments 
         One example (General Danielson)

In The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1, we publish the Table of Contents from the first five volumes. Too, we get material about Luci. M. Gardner, sister of Dr. Frank. 

Research & Discussion
1. See top, Dr. Frank A. Gardner.
2. Two articles in The Gardner Annals reference a correction to TEG v20 that appeared in TEG v34. This article shows that there were four John Graves, rather than three. Abigail W., as widow, received a pension for John's service during the War of 1812.
3. Discussion of methods for documenting Thomas' descendants (using the Ahnentafel)
        Approach, Example (Sourced
Note: The ahnentafel format allows identification of ancestors so as to relate these by generation. This form is the interim, preferred method for submission of a printable ancestry with each ancestor's birth and death source as a footnote.

See for additional information.