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Gardner's Beacon
Table of Contents

Volume I (2011)
Number 1 Introduction, Children
Number 2 Patriots (1776), Henry Gardner
Number 3 Houses, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Descendants
Number 4 Halloween, Rebecca Nurse, Unfortunates
Number 5 Christmas, Sarah Shattuck, Mary Gardner, Granddaughters

Volume II (2012)
Number 1 Valentines, Descendants, Ann Downing
Number 2 Seafarers, Shipping, Military
Number 3 War of 1812, Patriots
Number 4 Houses, Goal, Scholars
Number 5 1692, Meanings, Remembrances 
Number 6 Annals, Elizabeth Gardner Amory, Descendants

Volume III (2013)
Number 1 Annals, Observations of a descendant, Authors
Number 2 Annals, Two Cousins, Lost at sea
Number 3 Annals, Rev. John White, Academia/Science 
Number 4 Annals, Samuel Shattuck, 3rd generation
Volume IV (2014)
Number 1 Annals, Cape Ann, Charles Goodyear, Step-descendants
Number 2 Annals, Corporation, Massachusetts Magazine, Authors
Number 3 Annals, The Gardner Annals/Research, Corporate News, Edith Carow Roosevelt, Alice Lee Roosevelt, Poets
Number 4 Annals, Corporate News, Content table, Index, Eliza Starbuck Barney, Henry Dearborn Gardiner
Volume V (2015)
Number 1 Review, Future
Number 2 Research, Massachusetts Magazine
Volume VI (2016)
Number 1  New England, Trails west
Number 2   Bosworth, Flyover country, The Massachusetts Magazine, Magna Carta, DNA
Volume VII (2017)
Number 1, The Old Planters Society, The Massachusetts Magazine,  print of TGA Vols. I and II 
Number 2 Report on Gardner Research and publications
Volume VIII (2018)
Number 1 Memorial Day, 4th of July, Cape Ann celebration
Number 2 2018 activities, accomplishments, futures
Volume IX (2019)
Number 1 Overview of progress, Where is Thomas?
Number 2  Review, renovate, future
Number 3  Approaching a decade
Volume X (2020)
Number 1 Margaret Friar, DAR, RCDerby
Number 2 Holidays, ...
Volume XI (2021)
Number 1 Ways & means
Number 2 Modes & methods
Volume XII (2022)
Number 1 Recurrent means
Number 2 Blended families
Number 3 Long reach
Volume XIII (2023)
Number 1 Technology, AI
Number 2,What happened?
Volume XIV (2024)
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

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