1. Discussion at TGSoc.org regarding off-the-shelf versus roll-your-own, and more.
2. See Alpha/beta version for coming changes.
3. There may be comments here, from time to time. Otherwise, see the blogs.
ThomasGardnerofSalem (on Content Management Sytems)
Technical journal and comments
Comment (browser wars): The following image shows what the site looks like using Google's Chrome. It looks very similar with Sea Monkey and Firefox. However, the look using IE stinks. Perhaps, someone might send an Apple view.

4. Site powered by Web Hosting Hub (Linux, HTML/CSS, ...).
5. This part tracks updates of the default page.
Prior (n - 3) version (backup) - original 'asp' via images for buttons
Prior (n - 2) version (backup) -  1st CSS, buttons
Prior (n - 1) version (backup) - 2nd CSS, buttons, actions
Prior (n) version (backup) - 3rd CSS, mobile friendlier
6. Directory of snaps of main page, through time, to be used for discussion.