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06/17/2012 -- Vol II, No 3 of the Gardner's Beacon (post). Some thoughts about the USS Merrimack which was built in 1798. 

05/21/2012 -- Officelive is officially off-line. We will be putting some effort into re-designing this site. In the way of information, here are two recent posts on the blog: Great Migration sketches, Maypole.

04/22/2012 -- Vol II, No 2 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).

04/18/2012 -- The move is done. Now, we need to get references updated. Any 'aspx' reference will cause a 404 which will then provide a link into the new site to allow access to the content. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

04/17/2012 -- Starting the process to point to the Hub host. 

04/14/2012 -- Will be active soon, as Officelive shuts off on 05/01/2012.

03/21/2012 -- Using SeaMonkey to build html files. Not bad. Once a few kinks are worked out, will transition the domain to the new server. These pages are to be here another six weeks and will be used for reference. 

03/21/2012 -- Converging on a color scheme. 

03/20/2012 -- First cut of html files: Home, About Us, Newsletters, ...

03/16/2012 -- The new site with temporary content. This will be re-configured after a little time for learning the new system and how its tools work.

03/15/2012 -- The site needs to move off of OfficeLive by the end of April, 2012 as OfficeLive is being terminated by Microsoft. A new site is undergoing re-construction. There will be regular updates on status.

03/05/2012 -- Where was Thomas?, again.

02/13/2012 -- A colonial Valentine story.
02/02/2012 -- Vol II, No 1 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
01/28/2012 -- Reading the Paine Ancestry raises the question: Where was Thomas?
2/29/2011 -- Remembering Thomas.
12/18/2011 -- Vol I, No 5 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
12/02/2011 -- Granddaughter, Mary (Gardner) Coffin.
11/30/2011 -- Students to write on John Endicott, Thomas Gardner, William Trask, or John Humphrey as part of a class exercise.
10/21/2011 -- Vol I, No 4 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
08/31/2011 -- Vol I, No 3 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
08/22/2011 -- Cape Ann: The house, John Tylly.
06/29/2011 -- Vol I, No 2 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
05/21/2011 -- Vol I, No 1 of the Gardner's Beacon (post).
05/20/2011 -- What happened to the Old Planters society?
05/05/2011 -- Did Thomas have a sister, Rachel?
04/23/2011 -- Added Whaling Gardners to the list, plus recognized Lucretia (Coffin) Mott.
04/03/2011 -- Ebenezer of Maine descended through son Samuel.
03/18/2011 -- Nathaniel Bowditch descended from Thomas and Margaret through sons Thomas and George.
02/20/2011 -- Dr. Frank's book is available at Internet Archive.
01/18/2011 -- Added a story about two cousins (descendants of Thomas and Margaret) who were five generations removed from the early times in southern Essex County.
12/22/2010 -- Started the Henry Lunt of Newbury blog to have a more complete view (fuller tree) as we look at some of the early times. Next month, we'll jump forward to the late 1800s. Reminder: coming up is an opportunity (400th) to tell the tale and to look at the middle class (the more real) influence (especially, as it seems to be fading in modern times).
12/06/2010 -- More on progeny. We'll show Dr. Frank A.'s pedigree (and RD) chart, soon.
11/23/2010 -- Coming forward, the progeny of Thomas, and Margaret, could number (total sum from their time and their kids - assuming only four kids per generation) into the 10s of millions. There has been work on ancestry, as well, to collect and review.  
10/28/2010 -- Coming forward a couple of generations. We will go backward, too.
10/01/2010 -- Where is Thomas? Harmony Grove.
09/28/2010 -- List of early Gardners added.
09/24/2010 -- Reminder: Thomas Gardner's date of death, Dec 29, 1674 -- Still pulling together information to get a blog going. One thing to update will be the list of Gardners who were concurrent with Thomas's time in Cape Ann/Salem.  
09/02/2010 -- One focus will be to collect stories to augment those published by Dr. Frank A.
09/01/2010 -- A blog will be started soon. Questions to ponder will be one topic, such as where was Thomas between 1626 and 1637 (freeman status)? Where is Thomas now (in terms of remains - or, at least, the stones of Abel, etc.) since pavement was put in over the old Gardner burial ground?


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