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The Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. is motivated by the works of Dr. Frank Augustine Gardner among which included the following two books. 

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Some thoughts about the upcoming 400th anniversaries.

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Thomas Gardner and Margaret Fryer had nine children. All of whom, but Joseph, had offspring.

  • Thomas (1618-1689)
  • George (1620-1679)
  • Richard (1621-1688)
  • John (1624-1706)
  • Samuel (1627-1689)
  • Joseph (1630-1675)
  • Sarah (1631-1686)
  • Miriam (1634-1664)
  • Seeth (1636-1707)

Partial trees:
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Partial list of descendants.


This site is being maintained by a direct descendant of Thomas of Salem (through son, Samuel) and a lineal descendant of Thomas Gardner of Roxbury. The descendant's grandfather was a first cousin of Dr. Frank A. Gardner. 

Several persons, and families, have documented their links with, and interest in, the Thomas Gardner family. Some of these are the following:

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