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As Cape Ann and Salem, MA prepare for their 400th, it is of interest to remind ourselves of the event at other places (including those in Canada).

First, Salem's 300th ought to be recalled (Dr. Frank was there).

Then, we can look at other celebrations in the US and Canada, including 400ths.

Here are some thoughts about the upcoming 400th anniversaries. Too, they'll begin about 2020 or so.This list from Wikipedia provides a description of the Massachusetts Bay Colony settlements and their year of origin. We can expect that the celebrations start will follow those times. According to that list, we can expect 50 years of celebrations.

We would be remiss if we didn't recognize the 500th of the founding of Florida.

On June 15, 2014, the 799th anniversary of the first sealing of the Magna Charta was celebrated in London. Several American oganizations had representatives at the event. Part of the activity was planning for next year's 800th.

The enthusiasm ought to carry over to the 400th celebrations of the start of a society that manifests the spirit of the Magna Charta.


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